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Complementing the indispensable Online Platforms

In the context of the future workplace, Offline Platforms complement the online platforms that have established themselves as efficient virtual tools for productivity. Offline Platforms are informal physical spaces for imagination, ingenuity, learning, collaboration, experimentation, serendipity and entertainment. Individuals voluntarily make the purposeful decision to be physically present at these dynamic, non-programmatic, adaptable (to both changing users and work patterns) spaces which can develop in residential, rural, and pop-up formats. Their radical (i.e. fully-offline) version can also be imagined as an environment to reclaim our freedom from automated distractions. As we observe an economic reality where planning and execution are increasingly seen as one same process, their productive strength lies in a renewed sense of identity, as well as in teamwork that builds the social capital essential to an innovative (as opposed to a stimulus rich, context poor, contemporary) workforce. To picture this alternative typology we can think about what flagship stores have become to online retail.

OV's involvement in the design and development of an Offline Platform extends to:

  • Project Management

  • Context & Infrastructure

  • Programming & Community Access

Platforms: What We Do
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